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Flying Brooms

Of course, talking about brooms wouldn’t be complete without flying brooms, the best known of any broom! Who hasn’t seen the Wicked Witch of the West “sweep” the air with her evil broom with a flourish that brought fear to the hearts of the most intrepid children,

Spring Cleaning

Brooms for Spring Cleaning: Tips for finding the right broom! For spring cleaning, a broom us usually the first tool you want to us – both inside and out! There are brooms for every job. Basic household brooms are perfect for floors, carpets, seldom-used basement or attic

Pretty Brooms

Yes, there are pretty brooms! And why not?  This workhorse of household maintenance can take on an art form all it’s own!  Check out these few that we found,  designed to be at home in the most elegant and eclectic settings! There are as many styles as