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Corn Brooms

Here is an example of how brooms are made – the old fashioned way – at Hockady Handmade Brooms in Tennessee: Not just for sweeping anymore, there are brooms for sports activities, and of course let us not forget witches brooms! It’s easy to take care of

Specialty Brooms

Brooms are made for cleaning, of course, but specialty brooms fill a need in a host of applications and industries. Here are just a few: Push Brooms: Some have softer bristles, some have very stiff bristles for cleaning concrete, sidewalks, etc. Wisk Broom: A small, hand-held broom

How To Find The Right Broom

Why is it so important to know how to find the right broom?  Why do you even need to know how to choose a broom? As simple a tool as a broom is, there is a big difference in determining which is best for the job: Hard bristle