Best Brooms for Hardwood Floors

Best brooms for hardwood floor cleaning

There’s no doubt that hardwood floors add a nice touch to any room, but did you know that sweeping is one of the best ways to keep them clean and beautiful? Finding the best brooms for your hardwood floor begins with understanding why and how they work.

Keeping hardwood floors consistently as clean as possible is essential to maintaining their beautiful finish.  Wooden floors take on a lot of things daily— from dust to dirt and everything in between, your floors can easily become dull, scratched or damaged if not taken care of periodically and methodically.

What To Use To Sweep A Hardwood Floor?

One of the best steps you can take to maintain your hardwood floors is to invest in the right tools. While there are many options to clean your floors once a week or every other week, such as vacuming or mopping, the broom is an essential tool in keeping it clean every day. Knowing what to use to sweep a hardwood floor includes what will work, what is easiest, and what does the best job.

  • Brooms provide the convenience of being easy-to-use
  • Because they are gentle on the finish, brooms can be used more frequently than other cleaning devices.
  • Brooms are easy to take out, put away and are easily stored, making the cleaning process way faster.
  • Brooms are affordable

Brooms are also really good at picking up sand and dirt; seeing as they’re designed to gather a good amount of dirt in one stroke. They are practical and natural— a perfect option for the next floor-cleaning session. They’re also environmentally friendly, requiring only a minimum amount of elbow grease! Brooms are also very cost-efficient.

Brooms are gentle on hardwood floors, especially the soft-bristled ones. There are some cleaning products available, and certain soaps for instant results, but these can eventually dull the shine and even damage the wood. The National Wood Flooring Association also emphasizes the importance of sweeping wooden floors and recommends doing it daily to get rid of any dirt particles that can essentially scratch or dull the surface/finish of the floor. The idea of cleaning can be a bit tedious, especially when the routine is too long, technical, and complicated. This is where the broom comes in,  designed for easy access and quick maneuvering for cleaner floorboards.

How to sweep wooden floors

It may seem old-fashioned but sweeping is ideal for hardwood floors. Not only is it gentle on the material, but it’s easier to spot and get rid of dirt particles. It’s recommended to sweep your floors every day or every two days max.

The goal is to gather all the dirt and dust in one area so it can be disposed of easily. A good way to start is by first working on the edges of the room, especially the corners where dust can easily pile up. Another smart strategy is to start doing this from the back and working your way to the front while making sure to collect all the dust along the way to one designated area. Starting from the back to the front definitely saves more time and is much more effective in collecting dirt.

Also, note that it’s important to use a gentle broom such as soft-bristled ones. Use short strokes when sweeping, so that particles don’t fly off so far. Make sure to work carefully around and under appliances and furniture.

What are the best types of brooms for hardwood floors?

Dust particles and debris can leave scratches and scuff marks on the surface of hardwood floors, and those are difficult and hassling to remove/fix. This is why selecting the right cleaning tools is an essential part of any maintenance process, especially when you’re trying to avoid even minimal damage.


Soft-bristled brooms

With that said, gentleness is definitely best and the best broom for that are soft-bristled ones. Perceived as that standard and traditional one, it’s actually very useful with a hardwood floor and gets the job done. Its bristles make it easier to pick up and gather more particles and its flexibility makes it easier to get around those hard-angled corners and edges.

Euro Café Broom

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The Euro Broom has a unique design. It is wide (15”) to cover plenty of territory, with long, soft bristles (1.75”) to gather and sweep under baseboards more thoroughly. The angled brush is designed to pull dirt and dust into the center of the brush, making it easier to keep dirt under control on a slick hardwood floor. Telescopic handle, hangs on the wall.  Also designed to clean moldings, ceiling fans and corners

Push brooms

Push brooms can be effective in cleaning hardwood floors but it’s important to be mindful of the kind of bristles you choose. While these types of brooms can be used from indoors to outdoors; rough to smooth surfaces, it’s always best to buy one with bristles that are soft and gentle on wooden surfaces to avoid scratches and scuff marks.

LandHope Push Broom

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LandHope Push Broom has gentle rubber bristles safe for hardwood floors, and great for capturing pet hair. This broom captures everything and stops hair and lightweight particles from blowing around as you sweep.  Long handle adjusts from 31.5” to 54”. Easily cleaned simply by rinsing.

Rubber brooms

Rubber brooms can also easily sweep up fine particles and tiny grains of dust. What makes it different from bristle brooms is that it can easily interlock its bristles so it can become some sort of wall or block of gathered dirt and dust— making disposal simpler and gives the assurance that all dirt and debris is collected in a single sweep.

RAVMAG Rubber Broom

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Soft bristles made from organic rubber designed for gentle cleaning, and designed with slanted bristles for effective cleaning along walls, baseboards and furniture.  Great for delicate surfaces, doesn’t absorb dust or hair…easy to clean.

Horsehair broom

There’s also the horsehair room, that’s known to easily gather particles from large spaces. Known to perform way better than regular vacuums, the other best thing about these kinds of brooms is that they won’t leave any traces of bristles behind. This and its extremely fine and soft bristles are always also a good choice for hardwood floors.

REDECKER Horsehair Broom and Stainless Steel Dust Pan Set

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German made Redecker horsehair broom and stainless steel dust pan set is too beautiful to hide in the closet.  Crafted with hair from the mane and tail of horses, the broom is soft, dense and durable. Perfect for daily maintenance of your finest hardwood floors. Stainless steel dustpan is resistant to stains and corrosion. Set is tip-proof, beautifully crafted and ready to stand at attention in your livingroom, hallway, kitchen or study. What a great housewarming gift. 

Pet hair removal brooms

These types of brooms are known to be gentle— an obvious thing since they’re used for pets. What’s impressive is that these brooms are also very efficient when it comes to hardwood floors. They’re considered to be multi-purpose brooms that can easily attract dust, debris, fur, or any other particle in almost any kind of surface.

Chouqing Dust Pan and Broom, Self-Cleaning with Dustpan Teeth

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This popular broom and dustpan has a four-row bristles design, dense and durable high quality broom bristle construction. Eco-friendly fiber is made from recycled PET bottles. The clip-on feature ensure this broom and dustpan stay upright, offering compact storage.  The rubber lip of the dust pan is flush with the floor and the teeth clean out the bristles easily.

There are many available tools to clean hardwood floors, from convenient stick vacumes, to microfiber floor mops  and the  Sladust Big Wooly! What is important when looking for the best hardwood floor brooms is a tool that is gentle, can reach under furniture and around baseboards, and collects dirt and dust into easy-to-remove piles.