Dustpan Styles for Every Job

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Dustpans are a tool that most of us use without thinking. After all, our time spent with the dust pan is usually fleeting…we spend far more time dealing with the broom that does the bulk of the work! Yet a dustpan is an extremely important tool, both for household, commercial and industrial use.

Just as there are many types of brooms, there are many types of dustpan styles as well. Not a very titillating topic, granted, but then the most important things in life rarely are!

  • Standard Dust Pan: We all know what these look like, but make no mistake about it, there are many to choose from! The old-fashioned, metal dustpan is the workhorse of the dustpan world, usually a single piece of molded metal designed with one job in mind. These dustpans come with or without rubber lips to aid in providing a smooth path for sweeping the dirt into the pan.
  • Standing Metal Dustpans: These have long handles and are designed for use where the services of a dustpan are most frequently required! These efficient and back-saving dust pan styles eliminate the need to constantly bend over to gather the dust and dirt that you’re trying to pick up. These come in plastic and metal, and there is even a closing dustpan that traps the dirt inside so it doesn’t fall out as you move about.Dustpans come in all shapes and sizes!
  • Dustpan Styles: Dustpans come in large and small sizes, with our without rubber lips. They come with plain or comfort grips, with or without brushes to aid in gathering debris, in plastic, aluminum and steel and every imaginable color…you can even get a pink and white polka dot brush and designer dustpan set!
  • Antique Dustpan: Ridiculous though it may sound, antique dustpans are quite collectible! There are sterling silver dustpans, elegant copper and metal dustpans in ornate designs. You can find collectible Early American tole painted dustpans, and antique Victorian crumb sweepers that are like a mini broom and dustpan set.

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