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How To Clean A Broom

How To Clean A Dirty Broom How to keep your straw broom in good condition after a real workout? (See our 50 Uses For Brooms!) 1. Do not bring your broom inside the house. Store it outside with any other tools you don’t plan on using until

50 Uses For Brooms!

Brooms are NOT just for sweeping any more!  Our 50 uses for brooms include decorative and functional, unique or beautiful brooms that serve a host of needs for every job! Throughout history, brooms have fulfilled many multiple roles and uses. Even with the many types of cleaning

Flying Brooms

Of course, talking about brooms wouldn’t be complete without flying brooms, the best known of any broom! Who hasn’t seen the Wicked Witch of the West “sweep” the air with her evil broom with a flourish that brought fear to the hearts of the most intrepid children,