BroomsBrooms. There are as many types of brooms as there are sweeping jobs! It’s possible to find a broom perfect for what you need today. Although these simple tools go back centuries, they still play a huge part in keeping our homes and businesses, well…broom clean! Sweeping floors is something that just can’t be automated!

Brooms are made to sweep, whether it be your kitchen floor, the basement or garage, snow from your car or leaves from your sidewalk. In choosing a broom, there are countless ones to pick from. There are straw brooms, plastic, rubber or even wire. There are specialty brooms for commercial and industrial settings. Sweeping with a broom can be a cathartic activity whether it’s part of your spring cleaning activity or the job you get paid for.

It’s easy to find a broom that’s just right for every job! For more information, feel free to email us at