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Why is it so important to know how to find the right broom?  Why do you even need to know how to choose a broom? As simple a tool as a broom is, there is a big difference in determining which is best for the job:

Hard bristle brooms

These are typically push brooms, whether they are small as in the type used to scrub decks or flooring, or the large type used by homeowners for cleaning concrete floors, driveways, and also for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.

Soft or straw bristles

These include the traditional straw broom that we so often equate with the term itself…they can also be synthetic or other materials. These also come in many widths and strengths, ideal for household and spring cleaning tasks.

Soft brooms are perfect for sweeping dust and other light particles. They are made with natural or synthetic bristles that are soft and flexible enough to move around objects without damaging them. They are also good for cleaning up liquid spills.

Straw brooms, on the other hand, are better for heavier sweeping tasks like picking up dirt, leaves, or other debris. They have stiffer bristles that can move larger items without getting stuck. These are better for outdoor sweeping tasks like cleaning sidewalks, driveways, or your garage floor.

Straw brooms should be used outside because they can harbor insects and other small creatures if left unused for a long time. It is also advisable to use them outside because it usually comes in contact with toxic chemicals. On the other hand, soft brooms are usually safe to use indoors because they do not have bristles that can prick or scratch.

Most soft brooms are made with plastic handles to make them lighter and easier to maneuver. Straw brooms, on the other hand, usually come with wooden handles for better grip and strength.

Electrostatic brooms…

A much more modern tool, electrostatic brooms are rubber or foam bristles often interspersed with straw bristles. These are extremely effective in picking up pet hair from floors, carpets, etc.

Electrostatic brooms use static electricity to cling to dust and dirt. This is an extremely effective way to pick up pet hair from floors or carpets. The rubber or foam bristles interspersed with straw bristles create static on the surface of the broom, which clings to the dust and dirt. This makes it easy to clean up your floors or carpets without having to worry about the pet hair sticking around.

Electrostatic brooms can be more difficult to clean than a regular broom, however. They have been known to lose their effectiveness over time as the dust and dirt accumulate on the bristles or throw off the electric charge. In order to keep them working well, it is important to follow proper cleaning procedures for these types of brooms.

Decorative Brooms

Decorative brooms are not actually used for sweeping or cleaning, but are home decor accents. Brooms have been used to decorate homes, camps and businesses for a long time. The warmth, whimsy and charm of a handmade twig broom or a silver crumb broom is undeniable. These types of decorative brooms are often charming and historic.

One of the most common types of decorative brooms is handmade twig or branch brooms. These brooms can often be found hanging on walls and displayed in homes for their rustic charm and warmth. The use of these handcrafted brooms as decoration has been seen throughout history. The use of handcrafted brooms as decoration likely began long ago when people used to make their own brooms out of materials found in the forests. These twig and branch brooms were often hidden behind closed doors, but sometimes they were hung on walls or placed on other surfaces for decorative purposes.

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