Brooms For Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning with a broom

The Right Brooms For Spring Cleaning Jobs

Spring cleaning is a thing.  Having the right broom for spring cleaning is sort of like having the right pen to write with, or a specific tool for fixing stuff around the house. To get the job done the way you want it, a broom is often the first tool you want to us – both inside and out!

Spring is the time of year when using a broom is the first and best cleaning option for many reasons.

There is something cathartic about sweeping. Grabbing a broom and going after dust, dirt, cobwebs, and pet hair that has accumulated over the winter months is nothing short of cathartic.  Sweeping is also a physical activity. It is a simple hands-on task that leaves you with something you can see – a tangible reward for your efforts.

Choose Your Weapon

There are brooms for every job. Basic household brooms are perfect for floors, carpets, seldom-used basement or attic spaces. Deck brooms provide the hard work necessary to remove mold and mildew on your porch or deck after a long, cold and wet winter. Whisk brooms are ideal for small spaces, cabinets, baseboards even drapes and wicker furniture.

Sweeping The Ceiling

Brooms provides a singularly effective cleaning experience. For instance, if you have a barn-style home, or wooden ceilings and beams, a broom will loosen and remove any debris that has attached to them. Using a long-poled feathery or fabric dusting tool can leave behind threads or bits of fluff, while not actually remove the dirt itself.  Attempting to vacume beams and wooden ceilings can be an exercise in frustration.

A broom is lightweight and sturdy enough to get the job done right.

Using brooms for spring cleaning will help you get the job done inside or out. For more information, feel free to email us at