How To Find The Right Broom

How To Choose A Broom For The Job

Why is it so important to know how to find the right broom?  Why do you even need to know how to choose a broom? As simple a tool as a broom is, there is a big difference in determining which is best for the job.

No matter what sweeping task you have in front of you, what broom you choose matters. As simple as they may be, bristle brooms can be highly targeted for certain tasks.

Hard Bristle Brooms

These are typically push brooms. They can be small, as in the type used to scrub decks or flooring, or the large type used by homeowners for cleaning concrete floors, driveways, etc. Hard bristles brooms are also for commercial, municipal, and industrial applications. Because the bristles are short, thick and very close together, they are also appropriate for sweeping standing water from floors, sidewalks, driveways, etc.

Soft Bristles

These include the traditional straw or corn broom that we so often equate with the term itself. There are also many types of synthetic bristles that vary in thickness and length. A finer bristle, for instance, may be better at sweeping up spilled flour, sugar or other fine substances. These also come in many widths and strengths, ideal for household and spring cleaning tasks.

Electrostatic Brooms

A much more modern tool, electrostatic brooms are rubber or foam bristles often interspersed with straw bristles. These are extremely effective in picking up pet hair from floors, carpets, etc.

Decorative Brooms

Brooms have been used to decorate homes, camps and businesses for a long time.  The warmth, whimsy and charm of a handmade twig broom, a well-used corn broom, or a silver crumb broom is undeniable.  These can be charming and historic.

Whether you’re looking for sports that use brooms, specialty brooms for a particular job, or want to know the history behind brooms, browse out site! Knowing how to find the right broom just got easier!