50 Uses For Brooms!


Brooms are NOT just for sweeping any more!  Our 50 uses for brooms include decorative and functional, unique or beautiful brooms that serve a host of needs for every job! Throughout history, brooms have fulfilled many multiple roles and uses. Even with the many types of cleaning technology available today, a simple broom is still a staple in most homes in America and around the world.

How many of these uses have you put your brooms to?

50 Uses For Brooms

      • Rug and carpet sweeping
      • Deck washing
      • Snow clearing (roof)
      • Curling
      • Broomball
      • Lobby sweeping (push broom)
      • Sweeping leaves
      • Decorative wall painting
      • Uncovering bones
      • Quidditch
      • Cleaning stables
      • Pool cleaning
      • Playing limbo
      • Creating textured ceilings (whisk broom)
      • Removing cobwebs
      • Cleaning ceiling fans
      • Dusting (Microfiber)
      • Spot cleaning carpet (small)
      • Wedding Ceremonies (“Jumping The Broom”)
      • Cleaning animal hair off carpet (rubber broom)
      • Cleaning window screens
      • Fashion
      • Street Sweeping
      • Cleaning a hippo’s teeth
      • Heavy scrubbing (stiff gong)
      • Desk accessory
      • Sweeping wood stove hearth
      • Creating art paintings
      • Cleaning tile grout
      • Remove lint and dirt from clothing (whisk broom)
      • Brushing suede
      • Welcome gift for new neighbors
      • Sweeping up broken glass (whisk broom)
      • Smoothing wallpaper (whisk broom)
      • As in instrument to strum the washboard (whisk broom)
      • Scrubbing pots (whisk broom)
      • Making a stick horse
      • Decorative effects in concrete
      • Moving snow (push broom)
      • Car washing
      • Use it to help move heavy things around a room
      • Cooking whisk
      • Finishing furniture (burnishing)
      • Cake testing
      • Cleaning railroad tracks
      • Cleaning a horse stall
      • Sweeping/pushing water
      • Dusting/cleaning brick chimneys
      • Air guitar

Some of the most unique brooms are those that are present in lore from fantasy brooms like that of Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz. Others are the most specialized types of brooms for industrial applications. Not all brooms are utilitarian. There are actually brooms whose use is purely aesthetic…brooms that are meticulously and lovingly handcrafted as works of art.