How To Clean A Broom

how to wash a broom

How To Clean A Dirty Broom

How to keep your straw broom in good condition after a real workout? (See our 50 Uses For Brooms!)

1. Do not bring your broom inside the house. Store it outside with any other tools you don’t plan on using until next yard chore time comes around (i.e., shovels, rakes, hoes).>

2. If you do bring your broom inside, store it in a cool dry place. Give it a good shake before you store it to rid of any excess dirt and debris.

3. Be sure to clean the broom after each use.

4. If there is a lot of dust on your broom, brush the bristles against a wire fence or another surface with an open weave (example: an old wire egg basket). This should knock off most of the dust.

5. If you have any dirt inside your broom head, turn the bristles back to front and sweep into a pile that you can scoop up with a dustpan and add to your compost pile.

6. You can either hang your broom or stand it in a corner somewhere, just try not to place it against anything that is moist (example: in a damp basement environment). Do not store your broom near anything that will mildew, such as clothing, or an outside wall.

7. You can disinfect your broom by wiping it with a cloth that has been dipped in bleach and water.

8. Keep the straw tight by gently pulling on each strand before using it for sweeping. This will ensure bristles stay tightly packed, thus keeping dirt at bay.

9. Take good care of your broom and it will take good care of you. A good quality straw broom can last for years.

10. If your bristles start to spread out, use a wire brush (an old brush with wire pins is

fine) to brush the bristles back into place.

11. If you have a metal handle, keep it clean and dry, oil it once in awhile with linseed oil to prevent rusting.

If you are looking for an easy way to clean your straw broom, here is a simple three-step process. First, scrub the broom with dish soap and boiling water. This will make the broom last longer by removing any dirt or grime that may be caked on it. Next, hang the wet brush upside down in a sunny spot to dry. The final step is just waiting for it to finish drying before using again!